Alaska Equine Rescue
Helping starving, neglected and abused hooved animals in Alaska
Helping starving, neglected and abused hooved animals in Alaska
Alaska Equine Rescue

The Board

Alaska Equine Rescue is managed by a board of volunteer directors. There is no paid staff. Current board members and officers include:

  • Heather Robb, President
  • Kellie Ballard, Vice President
  • Gary Ross, Treasurer
  • Becky Ross, Secretary
  • Leisl Shagen, Board Member
  • Jesi Beauchamp, Board Member

Our History

In 1990, a small group of concerned horse owners in Fairbanks, Alaska created Alaska Equine Rescue (AER) after trying to help a group of emaciated, neglected horses. Frustrated by their long and unsuccessful efforts to get assistance for the more than 20 badly malnourished animals, they created Alaska Equine Rescue. It's purpose was to help starving, neglected, abandoned, and abused hoofed animals, promote education about responsible horse care, and provide support services to local and state authorities to better enable them to enforce laws against animal cruelty.

AER's mission has not changed. With headquarters now in the Eagle River-Anchorage area, we continue to reach out to the state-wide horse community to share our mission.

What Do We Do ?

  • AER nurtures neglected horses back to health and adopts them to responsible new homes.
  • AER provides temporary assistance to horses and horse owners who need help with hay, grain, veterinary or farrier services.
  • AER provides foster care to horses in the custody of local or state authorities (either voluntarily relinquished or taken into protective custody) as requested.
  • AER may accept horses from private owners who are no longer able to keep their horses and have been unsuccessful making other arrangements. Accepting horses into the group may depend upon AER's current resources, the adoptability of the horse, and other circumstances.
  • AER develops educational materials about the responsible care of horses, with input from licensed veterinarians and other traditional resources, and makes such materials available to horse owners, groups, clubs, professionals and local and state agencies.
  • AER accepts calls from people who wish to report neglect and abuse, and does not reveal the names of anonymous callers to authorities.
  • AER will respond to anonymous telephone calls expressing concern about the welfare of horses. We will try to verify the complaint, and if possible, work with horse owners to make whatever changes are appropriate to assure the future health and welfare of the horses. In this capacity, and depending upon the circumstances, AER may determine that it is in the best interests of the animal(s) to work with/thru the authorities.

What Don't We Do?

AER is not a law enforcement agency and does not confiscate horses from private horse owners. If a law enforcement agency such as AK State Troopers or Animal Control takes a horse into protective custody, AER will provide foster care services to the horse for the agency at their request, but the horse remains under their jurisdiction until final disposition is determined. If either an owner or an agency legally relinquishes ownership and title to an animal to AER, then it becomes our property and may be adopted out to a new permanent home when it is ready.


AER does not have a central facility of its own, and utilizes volunteer foster homes to provide the daily hands-on care for its family of horses. Our foster homes are located throughout Southcentral Alaska, usually in the Eagle River—Chugiak—Anchorage—Mat Su area. Foster homes in other locations are welcomed, and may be utilized depending on the location of the horse being fostered, and provided there are appropriate available resources (equine veterinary, farrier, and proper facilities). We hope to some day have our own facility,

Questions ?

Give us a call at 1-888-LUV-HORS (588-4677) or send us an email at

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1-888-LUV-HORS (588-4677)

P.O. Box 875276
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